Church Community Builder Core API

Church Community Builder Core API is a WordPress plugin that has one simple job: It synchronizes your Public Groups and Public Events into your WordPress database as Custom Post Types.

Find out more at https://www.wpccb.com/ including full documentation. Also available on the WordPress.org plugins repo.

Why Use This Plugin?

One of the biggest challenges with getting your Church Community Builder data onto your site is the actual API integration. This plugin does all of the heavy lifting for you. Once your church data is securely synchronized you can use it freely in your theme, widgets, or even your own plugins!

  • Get your Public Groups
  • Get your Public Events
  • Auto-synchronize (set it and forget it)
  • Manually synchronize anytime
  • Cached data (extremely fast)
  • Works in the background (never interrupts you or your visitors)
  • Secure (API communication is encypted, and so are your credentials)


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